Book Cover: Sacking the Quarterbacks
Part of the Memphis Knights series:

Bexley Vaughn has the definition of a ‘complicated’ relationship status. But balancing a relationship with not one but two alpha football player studs is taking its toll. Opting to run away and spend the holidays soaking up the sun on an Australian beach with a drink in hand, Bex is determined to finally choose between her beaus and settle into a normal—conventional—life. But when both guys show up with a sexy Christmas surprise and an offer she can’t refuse, Bexley soon realizes that there’s more than one way to score the life of her dreams.

Including Bonus Short Story: Third & Short

Paxton Davies is the one-time quarterback and now General Manager for his team, the Memphis Knights. When a surprisingly talented rookie throws a wrench in the dynamics of his beloved team, Paxton will face the first big decision of his career—one that puts the entire Knights organization at risk. Can Bex convince him that it’s a gamble worth taking, or will he cave to the pressure and call the safe play?




Shelby Abbot is desperate to get off her sister’s couch after losing her job, her home, and her fiancé, so when she’s offered a job as a live-in housekeeper and personal chef to Memphis Knights running back, Austin Vega, she jumps at the chance. All she wants to do is keep her head down, do her job, and earn enough money to start her own food truck. Living in such close proximity to the sexy football player shouldn’t be a challenge, since she sees right through his game playing ways and has no interest in becoming another notch in his bed post.

Austin Vega is one of the Knights’ top running backs. But he’s also a player off the field, and his bad boy, womanizer reputation is threatening his place on the team. Faced with the possibility of losing his multi-million-dollar contract, Austin assures the team manager that not only has he shelved his play boy ways, but that he’s engaged to be married--to Shelby. He just has to convince her to play along—and keep his hands off her in the meantime.

Blindsided by his declaration and coaxed the by offer of enough money to start her own business, Shelby agrees to pretend to be Austin’s fiancé until the start of summer training camp. But living together and ignoring their growing attraction proves to be harder than either of them anticipated and by the time their contract is up, neither of them can tell where their lies end and their hearts begin.


A Memphis Knights Football Romance

Book Cover: Under Center

There’s nothing Clayton ‘Wild Man” Thorne hates more than going home. As the starting center for the Knights football team, he has plenty of excuses to stay away from the place he was raised. But with his baby sister getting hitched, he’s got no choice but to make the trek from sunny Memphis to the cool Pacific air of Salt Spring Island. To his surprise, some things have changed in the tiny town, including his sister’s best friend Emma, who has grown from a knock-kneed brat into a stunning, no-nonsense woman. Clay is determined to have her, despite warnings from friends and family to keep his distance, and he sets his sights on doing just that. But Emma has a plan of her own, and it does not include falling for the home-town bad boy.

Emma came back to Salt Spring island to hide from her past and lick her wounds. The last thing she needs is to fall for the cocky football player she grew up next door to. But as much as she wants to run away again, there’s something about him that she can’t deny. As Clay turns up the charm, she finds herself more and more willing to give a causal relationship a try, but how can she separate her heart from her libido? Especially when he looks at her like that…

When buried truths come to light, Clay and Emma will have to choose between trusting each other with their dark pasts or saying goodbye to the only real thing either of them has ever had.


Dr. Bexley Vaughn is a genius at the top of her field. When she’s invited to apply her cutting-edge science to help the Memphis Knights football team return to its winning legacy, she jumps at the chance to work with two of the biggest names in the game. What she doesn’t expect is to fall hard and fast for both the veteran quarterback Paxton Davies and Dean Kincade, the eager young rookie looking to replace him. When things spiral out of control both on and off the field, Bexley will have to decide whether to risk it all on an impossible gamble, or to walk away and leave what’s left of her heart on the field.

The only thing she knows for certain is that, sometimes, finding love means re-writing the playbook.
***Double Coverage is a stand-alone sports romance featuring a steamy love triangle and guaranteed HEA. There is NO menage or M/M romance, and NO CHEATING. This is all about one girl and the two smoking hot quarterbacks who sweep her off her feet.***

Publisher: Apatite Press
Reviews:Amber on Goodreads wrote:

Wow! Double Coverage is HOT! I mean Bexley has the two hottest football players on the time competing for her attention! BUT when it comes to deciding between the two, how does she choose? I know I couldn't. I really enjoyed reading Double Coverage, it was a love triangle that I needed, of course love triangles are my faves to read. I really loved how different Dean and Paxton were from one another as well, although Dean was my fave. There was just something about his character that called to me. Once I started reading Double Coverage I couldn't put it down, I read it all in one sitting. I needed to know what was to come of each turn of the page. SJ Noble did not disappoint, and I can not wait to read the sequel in A Memphis Knights Football Romance. This is one book you def need to read

Stephanee on Goodreads wrote:

I LOVE this series and it is only book 1 - I can't wait for the next 50 or so to come!!! I feel like the author's love of the game comes straight through the pages of this book - and even though I am not a major football fan, I was able to easily follow the story, enjoy the story and SWOON over the players! The author really brings them to life and the reader has no trouble at all picturing them or their super hot bodies....

Oh, yeah, the plot is really good too! I love the way that Bexley is a bit studious and isn't too sure of what is going on around her, but she can't ignore the chemistry she feels....meanwhile the super hot guys are clamoring for her attention...enter a contract and her life feels like it is falling down around her. This book will have you on the very edge of your seat frantically turning the pages of the book while also fanning yourself because of the, yep you guessed it, super hot guys. Be careful to wipe the drool from your mouth when you read this one because it is a scorcher!

Another amazing read and a must read author! Do your self a favor and save the date because you want to grab this as soon as it is released! You won't be sorry and you will be re-reading this one over and over...