Dear Reader,

We, the dynamic duo (Sherry & June), that makes up S.J. Noble want to offer our deepest, most sincere apologies to those of you who recently purchased our latest release, Under Center.  If you pre-ordered or purchased your copy between 7/15 and 7/17, you likely downloaded a poorly edited version.

We want you to know what happened and that we are as upset and frustrated by this as you are.  We hired a trusted editor we have both used for other projects in the past.  Unfortunately, the editor did not live up to their side of the bargain this time and did not get us the edited version until only a few hours before our deadline to upload to Amazon.  Because we trusted the editor, we approved the edits and rushed to make sure we got Under Center to press on time.


Unfortunately, we later discovered that the editing had been well below par and the manuscript was riddled with problems.  We have been working throughout the day  with a new editor to re-edit the book and get it re-uploaded to Amazon.  We will also let Amazon know about the issues. The fresh version has been uploaded and will take just a few hours to be live in Amazon’s system.  If you already purchased your copy, you may have to notify Amazon to make sure you can re-download the most recent update.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Happy Reading,

S.J. Noble