Since Double Coverage releases tomorrow, I thought I’d tell you about some of the initial reactions we received when we first started letting other people read it.

If you’ve ever worked very hard on anything, whether it is something creative, or a really important work project, you know that getting those first outside opinions can be nerve-wracking.  You wrap up all this wonderful, hard work you’ve put your heart and energy into and then you stand back with tense muscles and a clenched stomach and wait for opinions, just hoping they don’t say it sucks.

That’s how it was for us.  Probably more so with this project than any other, because it was the first time we (Sherry & June) had worked 100% together on something we both put our name on (so to speak).  So when positive feedback started rolling in, we were stoked.  But, our best feedback by far came from our good friend, Lauren.

First, let me tell you about Lauren.  We call her our good friend, because she is.  But she is also brash, ballsy, and take no prisoners.  If she thinks something is crap… she’ll tell you just how big of a pile it is.  That is why we sent it to her.  As close as this project was to our hearts, we couldn’t let YOU (the reader) see it if it was bad.

But we needn’t have worried.  Lauren Facebooked some of her reaction (in non-spoilery ways) and left random comments throughout the book.   Here are some of our favorites (that we can share publicly):

And my personal favorite….

Needless to say, by the end of Lauren’s notes, we were relatively sure that at least some of you would enjoy our little story.  And four months and A LOT of work later…Double Coverage releases tomorrow.

Have you read Double Coverage?  Planning to?  We’d love to know your reactions.  Feel free to put them in the comments, or better yet, live Facebook, Tweet, or Instagram your reactions!  Don’t forget to use #DoubleCoverage so we can find your comments!