Trick Play Deleted Scene (NSFW)

Writing a book can be a bit like making a movie in that, sometimes,  there are scenes that the author loves immensely, but they just don't work within the book.  This can be because another scene gives the same information.  Or, it could be, like in this case, that...
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Trick Play Excerpt: Chapter One

Shelby As I drive aimlessly around Memphis, the anger pulsing through me finally fades and a strange numbness sets in. I wonder, only for a minute, if I'm in shock, but then I see the sign that makes everything better. Pulling a maneuver that would have been dangerous...
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Under Center Excerpt: Chapter One

Clay “I’m getting married.” Ava, my little sister, hadn’t sounded excited, or even happy, any of the hundred times I replayed her voicemail. Her voice was firm and accusing, and it ate at my insides like battery acid every time I listened to it. It wasn’t an...
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Double Coverage Excerpt: Chapter One

I’m already out of the shower when the alarm beside my bed goes off. Hopping on one foot as I struggle to slip a sock onto my still-damp foot, I hear a thick thud as the screeching dies. Damn. I was hoping he’d be gone by the time I got out. I’d picked him up last...
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Our Heartfelt Apologies to Our Readers

Dear Reader, We, the dynamic duo (Sherry & June), that makes up S.J. Noble want to offer our deepest, most sincere apologies to those of you who recently purchased our latest release, Under Center.  If you pre-ordered or purchased your copy between 7/15 and 7/17,...
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Beta Reader Lauren Reacts to Double Coverage

Since Double Coverage releases tomorrow, I thought I’d tell you about some of the initial reactions we received when we first started letting other people read it. If you’ve ever worked very hard on anything, whether it is something creative, or a really important...
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Coloring Under the Covers Volume 2

We are so excited to be a part of Coloring Under the Covers Volume 2. PURCHASE ON AMAZON COLORING FOR A CAUSE PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT THE ROSE Welcome to the world of Coloring under the Covers: Volume 2 … Do you enjoy reading and getting to know the authors who create...
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